Gabriel Travassos, Brazilian, drummer, passionate about music.

Music is my escape point. It's a way of expressing my feelings. I would not live without music. When I sit on the drums, I feel disconnected from the world and its problems and I enter into another reality. Everything disappears, there is only the pure feeling of joy. Since my childhood, my family has always been very close to music. 

When there was a party, the people gathered to play and sing. It was also my family that always guided me along the path of good music - thanks to them, I was lucky enough to meet bands like A-Ha, Duran Duran, Santanna, Supertramp, Abba, Jamiroquai, Tears For Fears, Yanni, etc. When I was two years old, my aunt gave me my first drums. On the same day, I took the room to a party and began to play. My family noticed my fitness with the instrument and encouraged me to develop this ability. After that, my passion only grew. I remember that I used to walk in the musical instruments stores of Recife Center as a child and sit in some professional drums to experience the sensation of being a rock star, it was an incredible feeling to me.




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